If it takes them, he looks for the owner to give it as it will be like Lukata. If no one knows that someone else is in the pigeondom, it is not a thing that he built itself from what it takes away from there. If there is no one’s pigeon in his pigeonism, it would be that he would be like he would be like he or she would be, if it is not to be in his pigeon. If it is rich, we buy it from the one that we were designed and then the design. This is so fondly fond of bird meat in imam. Apple from the stream is to take the fruits that will be deteriorated as pear, and the food is cooking. But the walnuts, almonds will not be disturbed, and the ability to take the fruit. The receipt is to give the owner. (Ibn âbidin, Lukata bet.) The rabbit and canary can also be compared to it. May die if not taken.

The child receives the child out of the floor and the louke of the louke and the vessels, and the agency. The louke is to give it to someone else to describe and declare this to someone else, if you are able to describe, and the announcement. It is the giving of the louke, it is sure to give it to a person and take it back from it. There are also those who don’t pay for the Lukata Help in his hand. (Ibn Âbidin, Lukata bet.)

REFABILITY: If a one sees his own donkey’s wheat, he pays him, he pays the wheat. The donkey doesn’t pay wheat if someone else is. (Ibn âbidîn, Lukata bet.)

Intimate: If he belongs to the tree site, anyone with the property on that site can eat as much as the fruit on the site of the tree. He can also eat the stake of those who are likely to permit him from the dude on the site. But, for example, you cannot collect them all.

SUAL: Can he be unaware of the owner, if there is a blasphemy that doesn’t belong to us at home or anywhere?

CREP: No. Because it costs. Anyone’s property cannot be taken without permission. If the throw is no coins. Also the fitne comes out.

REPLANT: He can’t sleep on the same bed with his mother, his mother, his mother, his sister, the same bed as a foreign woman or man. May lie with his father. The girl can lie with her mother. (Ibn âbidîn, istigible baba.)

SUAL: In Switzerland, I’m a civil legal professor that makes a research relevant to the legal jihet of the gender change. What is the opinion of Islitude in this regard?

In the University, I was prohibited in the Qur’an-I, the 119th in the 119th symbols of the Nor. Hazret-i Prophet has also been confirmed in various hadith-i sheriffs. However, the hatred mucib is allowed aesthetic surgery. The birthplain was allowed to take the limbs such as the sixth fingers. Makeups such as hair dyeing are not considered to replace the creation because it is based on beautification (CEMAL) muscle. Therefore, the gender change is primarily to be of the absence of Hilkiir Tagyir.

Secondly, the Prophet of the Prophet of the Prophet has forbid women to women and women. Dressing, speaking, speech, mobs or women not to be similar to the woman, to change the gender should not be to be.

Third, Islamic religion has prohibited the neuter of people and animals. The human cannot be neutered himself or another.

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