REFABILITY: It is not to be able to neuter animals without people, even a zarter. While there are kinds of birth control methods in the heli, such an operation will never be used.

CORT: The generation of the refuge and hanbelical ulaus, the coastal and households have a fifty time of fitters to cover the faces of fitters. It is also the case of the Hazret-i. But it can’t cover your face when it comes to the huge. The cavil admitted to the generation is in the direction of the woman’s face and their hands is not azret.

SUAL: We migrated from Bulgaria. Who is not to come back again; Someone came back when the middle is calming again. As far as I heard from the rest of the land left behind, the state has confiscated and sold to another. Did the right to ownership in that land is finished?

REPLANT: MABIC PROPERTY WITH GASP. The owner’s right continues. Can take the possibility of going back and receiving. The goods where harbi has hand puts his property. The Muslims are re-conquered by there, it becomes booty. The Muslim goes there and is (if he puts hands) if he tries the previous property. Hanefî is also the case. Hazret-i Praygamber in the facts of Mecca, “Ukayl left us home?” It was that and did not claim this house.

In the answer: If it is to lie to a maslehat to a child, it should be samples in each movement. Hazret-i Prophet, come to a woman who calls his child in case I will give walnuts, he would be to come; No he did not assign it when I said to fool.

REPLY: Zina, who is, who is the right to be the right to God, who is the right to God. Biiznillah is deleted with a grade penalty in the TEVBE and DHORLISISM. But rape is not like that.

Although there is a barrier of Muvakkat, I ibni Âbidin clearly says, even if the grain is not adulterated by the Bales, even if Etza Etzan is a greeting.

SUAL: Is there beis to get sand or bring it home as kids are playing at home or from a beach?

SUAL: There are some fruit trees on the roads. Fruits are not gathering by anyone. Not on anyone’s property. Is there beis in collecting these berries in case no heba?

SUAL: We know that it is not to draw the live picture. But in religious Malmians, we encounter such pictures. Say what?

CAVAB: Fatvas about the nature of the live painting is assorted. It is both deserves, as well as as a maslahat is being done so it is done.

SUAL: Is the lower part of women’s Hasema in the top of the Subject with a vest-style clothing to enter the sea or pool with a vest style clothing.

SUAL: If the check-in-sales is performed, is the extension of the term to expire the pull-out of the maturity due to the extension of the term is to be increased to the amount of time.

CREP: No. The tattoo is another; Henna Süs is another. The man is not both can’t. Burning in the henna, even if not showing the woman to foreign men.

SUAL: In the FIKIH books, the patients who are apologizing to hijacking the community are also added to miss.

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