In contrary to the Constitution, we demand the proceeding to the Commission to be re-examined to the Constitution and not to be discussed in the General Assembly sir.

Mr. Group The Chairman of the Chairman of the Procedure is that the procedure of the procedure does not correctly find the approach that the General Assembly will be presented to the game. As expressed in Article 63, it is already an appreciation of your ZATIAL; The relevant to the approval of the General Assembly may not be submitted, but if we close this issue that the free Bey has expressed this issue, we respect a new discussion and raise the Constitutional discussion, we also respect the Constitutional discussion. Our opinion is that it is never a situation that is contrary to the Constitution. The Constitutional Court has previously made decisions on similar subjects; No concern about it, we do not have any concern but free Bey has a demand of discussion in this regard, respectfully, we will argue this, but I would appreciate it.

Free Private (Manisa) – I have nothing to say about the second part, the first sentence lonely leaves the first sentence: The procedure discussion is alleged to be presented by free private. I didn’t say you are uttered.

Free Private (Manisa) – there: I told you: I appreciate it, if you use your appreciation in the direction of voting, this would be more democratic, I said it would be more appropriate. I wanted to have a record.

38.- Description of the MERAL CORDABLE CONDITION OF BİŞTAŞ on the General Assembly in the General Assembly and requesting the refund to the Commission of Justice

MERAL CORDAŞ (Siirt) – We would like to express the suggestion of contradiction in the Constitution. In the Commission Phase, our proposal was given by our commission members, but unfortunately declined. However, this does not constitute a situation in the General Assembly. Because of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly of a law, a prerequisite for consideration of the offer is not in accordance with the Constitution. In this aspect, the Constitution 135 and again to other substances; According to the Constitution 2, 9, 10, 11, 67 and 135 Article 6 of the ACHS, we demand that this offer is not discussed in the General Assembly and return to the Commission.

39.- Manisa Deputy Free Private, 222 Ranks of Law No. 222 Ranking Law No.

Free Private (Manisa) – If you will invite Mr. Group President of Denviğlu, you will not be discussed in this Constitution. This situation is the discussion of the procedure to discuss the controversy of the Constitution with the controversial discussion of the allegations of the Constitution …

2. About the 222 ordinary proposal of the Law Offer without being discussed in the Constitution whether it is appropriate to continue their negotiations

Mahmut Tanal (Istanbul) – President, you need to look at the order of those who want to say. I wanted before I was in favor. Need to look at the minutes. Whoever asked before you speak.

Mahmut Tanal (Istanbul) – Mr. President, my respect is endless, I really love you and I wanted to I love it. Here are your friends in the order of our friends.

I promised to claim the Constitution in contradiction. First of all, I would like to say that: Our group proposal was not passed by the counseling board, and where the general assembly was presented to the votes of the General Assembly, the General Assembly has agreed to our group proposal.

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