Number: 222) (continued)

Now, we will perform questions and answers for fifteen minutes on the first part of the proposal. Eight minutes of this period will be the answer to the questions, seven minutes.

In the past we know that lawyers are discriminated due to disguise and clothes when they are judged. This problem is solved with the offer and provides the provision that no other obligation can be introduced outside the cubber. In the first five years of his profession, the amount of baro cutting is a positive arrangement for young lawyers. The opening of the lawyers in terms of crimes they committed during the task is a positive arrangement.

Some opposition lawmakers criticize this offer in the form of a terrorist organization in the project of a terrorist organization. What is the assessment of the Commission in this regard in the face of the terrorist organization of the terrorist organization? How to execute forensic aid services where more than one baron is located, in the assignments in the assignments, in the appointments will be provided with an justice distribution between lawyers?

The AKP’s Thrace is not a new development in the tracty hostility. If your ministers gave the promises were correct at least five years ago Ergene had been cleaned. Loot is your avenue in Thrace with another love. Now you are getting up to Saros Bay -Hukuk, Environment, Life and Science to FSRU natural gas port. Now, I’m asking: Qatar is the Saros sacrificed by the world’s most beautiful seas in the world? At least ashamed of thousands of martyrs lying around Saros, you can make Saros from destroying projects.

While the natural gas was called, the natural gas consumption in our country in our country has declined, the citizen cannot use the natural gas because it is expensive, you say, “To whom can I transfer what rant?”

I promised Trabzon to express a complaint of our citizens living in the Melikşah Quarter of Tonya district. Our citizens living here stated that they are victimized in particular due to blurred water in rainy weather. Citizens who complain about the blurred flow of water to their homes want to have a solution to the situation before a moment. In Tonya, our citizens have forwarded this problem in 11 neighborhoods. Citizens “We have to use this water as there are no other water in our house and we are paying to this water. The mud is running out of water from our fountains. We can’t use it even in cleaning, as we cannot drink this water. ” By saying the authorities demand that the water problem is solved at a moment. I also want to make this justified demand for this rightful demand of Tonydia as Trabzon deputy, and I would like to make a call to Tiski officials from here: Establishment of a treatment facility in the region …

1) an instance of France. The reason for the number of baro with the number of provinces in France, it is due to the organization of the bares according to the forensic judiciary.

2nd Thread: The reason why the Constitution agent 135 plus prohibition the bar is due to the fact that there is a public legal entity. Therefore, when the public legal entity is the same place and a second public legal entity cannot be established on the same subject.

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