It is written in 451. Kebîre in the Peace of the Ibni Hacer, which is caused by USI.

If you are assigning countries such as China, Japan, they are in the EHL-i book and Muslims all over the world. If you have not seen the meat and the dish cut out by the bookless, you can also take and eat if you did not hear from a Salih Muslim. Do not need to investigate.

REPLANT: If the pregnante or dining is helast and haram is mixed, taking this gift to anyone who cannot tear the ruam. It is also to accept the breed of this, ie. One of the nurses of harzem accepts the present gift; However, you don’t eat your food. As he is asked, “The food is tucked (to make a muckle). The eating this is the place of the owner to be the property of the owner and this would have eaten the food. The gift is to acquire property. Binaenaleyh he has been saving on his own property, “he replied.

Rahman, such as Rahman, Rahman, as well as the fact that Allahu is the name of the fact that there is no name to people. Mecid, such as text, saint, uterus are not credited to the people. Samed is from the names of God to be put into the people of Allah. Means no one in need for the presence. Abdüssamed should put it. Since the name Samed is called Samet, maybe saves. Samet means silent.

SUAL: It is granted in the Japanese culture. When they encounter them, when they gave us the salute, we will also give me the salonia?

CORP: It is not an alay to give the Muslim to leave the Muslim. Introduction is not already granted. Urdet is followed here. It becomes the boniz.

CRAB: The pedestal is the pedestal, the Malika of a piece of land is the harimine of this soil. So around there is a place where no one can enter. The beaches are like that. If water is drawn, the property can establish the property of the adjacent land here as of course. This is called. Stayed, the beaches are already involved in the property of adjacent land.

SUAL: Can two friends go to a restaurant or pizza who declares the unlimited food to the pizza, and can both of them eat a personality unlimited menu?

CORP: Unlimited food means as much as you can eat. Sharing this food with a second one doesn’t have. Already the restaurants do not allow it. The bathroom is similar to saying two people and saying a person’s money, “my friend will be washed with half of my washing water”.

SUAL: The parents are reported to be a phall of complying with non-sin commands. But while the marriage issue is told the mother “you won’t get married with!” Course, it is called the obedience basin. Is there no tenacial in between?

CORE: The government and parents are the sin and the non-arbitrary orders. Are not otherwise. If the parent’s request is suitable and not enjoyable. If there is a reasons why you’re not going to get married, it is suitable. Necessarily complied with their wish to be served. But even though it is even though the parents wins the saadeti.

SUAL: Do the mother from the father’s orders to themselves, Meselâ Mom “My son bring me water!” The lesson is to do to do them.

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