Eden-on-back layer-i Sharif Muslim is available in Tirmizî and Sirâzî. In addition, the face of the sheep is in the hospital of hell of the hell of the hospitalization of Hadis-i Sheriff İbni Mâce. Lying on the right side and then to return to the place where he wished. It can go to bed with an apology.

Answer: To make a rover, so it is the circumcision to lie in the middle of the day when the sun is approached to the peak point. The time with the efdal is immediately before you read lunch. In the morning, after the sunrise or after the afternoon, it can also be done in any time.

Answer: There is a principle of SEDD-i in Islam Law. The roads that lead to evil means closing of occasions. “Do not handle the head with foreign women (Lathavet), don’t shake (Musafaha), do not speak (Musafaha), do not look open, because they are all the main sin, because they are all the actual sin.

Answer: Nakşî Sizes have seen as a Bid’at of Bihrî (voice) Zikri Bid’at. As a matter of fact, the Quran is that “Allahi begged and confidentially zikred” (A’râf: 54). However, without the reputation, it has been reported that without the will and the old man, without worry and sadness.

Answer: Lonely is in terms of showing women and mahremi to men. For the Qur’an, Kerim has forbid women’s trips to show foreign men.

Answer: It is not to be found to find a live picture in the dress. However, if there is no eyes and he is small, the face is small if the face cannot be seen.

Answer: Hadith-i Sizeri, “Cover the containers; Say Besmele while closing it was commanded. If the lid is not found, it should close by pulling besmelle with a board or something. Or the jinses benefit. Microbe and bacteria may breed; animal or asshole may fall. (Şir’atü’l-Islam)

Answer: Such a rumal is common. Nightly Spreads of Cinnies; When this reason is the night, the closure of the doors are sambit with the Hadith-i sheriff where children should be home. Should not pour; If you have to pour the Destivine should pour out. (Şir’atü’l-Islam)

Answer: The helix is ​​not suitable to look at the Necasete. Hadis-i süsişe “gin and devils waits for people tossis and grind. With you, when you enter the helix (Eurse Billahi Mine’l-Hubûsi and’l-habâis) (both with Peltek Se) was commanded. Hubûs is the multitude of Habîsin. Bad gins have been tidy. Habaâis (Habbies) are these females. (Şir’atü’l-Islam)

Answer: The parents are entered with the intent of ITIFEF. If two Rek’at has entered prayer or time, the fareze is made of the time. Then something can be eaten, fit.

SUAL: I would like to buy a second hand using automobile loan. Don’t I get a credit for this?

Answer: Outside child support, nobody who can not find money in debt (credit) and take something with it and the payment of the Fall is not in Islamic Fikh. The provision is the case as well. This is the case for the car.

Answer: Using spiral or other birth control procedures Although the avret is not to open the place of the avret free, the spiral is not a foreign man or woman wearing a foreign boy or woman.

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